Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Guide

Tarpon Fishing in the Florida Keys and Key West


About The Tarpon

Megalops Atlanticus is the long version name for Tarpon. We also call them The Silver King. Tarpon of all sizes have captured the attention of sport fishing anglers all over the world in search of a trophy fish that fights really hard, jumps Palalo and holds one of the higher bragging right slots for any fish of the world.

There are many sources that tell the reader all about the tarpon. One of my favorites is Wikipedia. Check it out and learn about these magnificent sport fish.

Here at Dream Catcher Charters we have evolved with our method and treatment of tarpon. Its our goal to show anglers a great time catching these amazing fish yet leaving the fish impacted as little as possible. By improving our handling techniques through the years we feel that the released tarpon has a better chance of survival after the catch.